Today, Tuesday 9th February 2016 I celebrated: (in no particular order although #3 is my bestest)

  1. Pancake Day – Pagan-shmagen, there’s food involved so I shall celebrate it. I am a Jew. All of our festivals revolve around food. Richard Burr‘s pancake recipe with Biona Organic coconut oil was far better than when I tried with butter. Big score for Mummy


    Pile o’ pancakes

  2. Chinese New Year – Year of the Monkey and good excuse to make Damn Delicious‘s recipe of sweet and sour chicken plus sesame chicken balls for the dinner. Massive score for Mummy. I think the family liked it, but may have only eaten it to gain 3rd Nutella pancake of the day for dessert. I will never know.


    Basic kids layout of the sesame chicken balls, sweet n’ sour chicken, some basmati rice and broccoli stir fried with garlic and ginger. A kids meal isn’t a kids meal without cucumber slices. And the fancy julienning of the carrot is purely to entice the kids to eat them. Seems to work although I julienned my left palm a little…

  3. THE DAY I STARTED MY BLOG!!! All thanks to Building Feasts creator, Hanna Goldsmith

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